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Data Driven for Digital Content Strategies.

Data has the best solution for your brand.

Dashboards and Automation

Social Listenings



Data to create creative and innovative solutions to find the answers for your brand

We seek solutions that facilitate and democratize use by all areas of the company, with a focus on stimulating creativity and disseminating Data Driven thinking.


What we offer

Experience the breakthrough of creativity using data and artificial intelligence to generate insights.

Social Listening

Studies to track consumer conversations around specific topics, keywords, phrases, brands or companies and leverage your insights to discover opportunities or create content for these audiences.

Analysis and reporting

Organize real data to describe how an event takes place, to create metrics, reports and segmentations from there and make informed decisions. And mostly generate actionable recommendations.

Brand Insights and  Creative Data

Create ideas from data, moreover, data can drive creativity and digital transformation research, reports and studies of user behavior.

Dashboards and Automations

Development of visual data panels where it is possible to analyze important data for any operation, analysis of social networks, among others. Automated and in real-time.

Trusted by industry leaders

We understand that our success depends directly on the success of our customers.

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For executives, creatives, marketers

With a passion for analysis, visualization and problem solving through data, we aim to generate delivery excellence that, in fact, add value to the business, through transparency and collaboration.

Data Driven e IA



What our customers say

"Du.Data helped us accommodate the existing reporting flow and develop new strategic deliverables based on our needs.
The entire team is constantly solicitous and committed to evolving our demands with each delivery.
I love! <3"

Giovanni Ghelfi

Marketing Analytics Manager - The Walt Disney Company

"Desde que começamos a trabalhar com a notamos cada vez mais qualidade nos estudos de social listening.
A equipe demonstra profissionalismo e compromisso com as entregas, é sempre aberta ao diálogo e compreende a marca de maneira clara e efetiva.
Tem sido ótimo poder contar com todo esse suporte!"

Laura Alves

Marketing Analytics Coordinator - The Walt Disney Company


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